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Main » Video » Zombie - Oltre X-Files - TWD by Giobazz

The Walking Dead || Just a hero against Hell

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Entry description:

2012 Winner Awards: Best Effects - Best Action - Best Storyteller - Judge's Choicehttp://www.freewebs.com/fxvidder/wrd75entriesrd76.htmRick centric.I fall in love with this character. And i didn't even like him in the beginning!I found him a little 'bland' .. Then, there was the almost sudden transformation.My attachment to a character occurs every 10 years ... So it's a big thing for me!He's one of those old-fashioned heroes.I've always liked so much that kind of characters, but couldn't find them anymore, for many years, on the screen.A true gentleman of the past.For as he tries to keep the group together and the way he elegantly glide on Lori and Shane, he has all my respect.To think that there's still a few writers capable of giving life to a character like this, it restoring my confidence in the human species!And Remember: This isn't a democracy anymore. It's a Ricktatorship..

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:04:34
Author: 2giobazz
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